2018 Membership Fees
Adult: $125
Couples: $200
Junior (born 2000 or later): $100 (includes 6 lessons in spring program)
Students: $75
Seniors (65+): $75

Memberships are due by May 31st and can be dropped off in the clubhouse drop box or mailed to the Medicine Hat Tennis Club address at:

3 – 3271 Dunmore Rd SE
Suite 200
Medicine Hat, AB
T1B 3R2

Members are entitled to the use of five club courts and the clubhouse located behind Crestwood Pool. To ensure all club members have the opportunity to use our beautiful facility, please sign in on the board located at the north end of the clubhouse and limit match times to 90 minutes when others are waiting. Please keep in mind that our club and courts are located on city property; therefore, there may be times when local schools make use of the facilities. We thank you for your patience and understanding in these situations.

Club Guidelines:
All members are asked to be familiar with the MHTC guidelines to ensure everyone's continued enjoyment of the facility.

Registration will open in February