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Tennis club
offers affordable fun for the
whole family

For Thomas Fentabil, a good day on the tennis court doesn’t depend on the score. It’s all about spending time with family and friends while playing a sport he loves.

Tucked away behind Crestwood Pool is the Medicine Hat Tennis Club (MHTC), a home away from home for Thomas, 9 and his older brother Mike, 12 who live in the neighbourhood.

This little gem of a community club is often called one of the city’s best kept secrets, but the Fentabil brothers want to change that so more kids have a chance to join the fun.

With junior lesson programs, drop-in days and an annual singles tournament, there are lots of opportunities for youth to learn the game and make new friends.

“The best part of the club is all the people. We are a real community,” says Thomas, who would like to see more new kids on the court this summer.

Both Thomas and Mike have been involved with junior lessons since joining the club with their father Messele several years ago. During that time, they’ve seen their skills improve and made lots of great family memories in the process.

“My dad and I played doubles together in a tournament for the first time last year. It was a pretty good father-son bonding. We played really well,” recalls Mike with pride.

Not to be left out, his mother Zinash has even gotten in on the action in recent years, taking adult novice lessons.

From lessons to leagues, tournaments to social events, there is something for all ages and abilities.

“It is a great sport, good for the body and mind,” adds Messele. “Medicine Hat Tennis Club is not just a facility to me. The people, the community we have here is outstanding and I have enjoyed being part of it.”

Space is still available in the junior lesson program and registration is open for all memberships and adult lessons.


The first event of the 2023 season is the Try event on Saturday, Apr. 15. All leagues and lessons start the week of  May 1.

Photo [left to right]: Mike and Thomas Fentabil.

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