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MHTC Guidelines


  1. The facility is for the use of members and guests only.  A guest is a non-member who uses club facilities with a member.  After three visits a guest is considered a visitor.
  2. Visitors pay $5 per visit.
  3. If you are the last one out please make sure that the clubhouse is secure and that all gates are locked.  
  4. Report any problems by leaving a message on the pad by the phone or on club voicemail (403-527-4466).  In case of emergency call the Manager, Ken Clement, at 403-527-9102.
  5. Abuse of the facility (e.g. skateboarding, hockey playing, etc.) should be reported to police (403-529-8400, or 911 if necessary.
  6. In order to keep our facility safe and secure for all, please do not share the combinations of club locks with non-members.
  1. The clubhouse is closed to members between 11 pm and 7 am.
  2. Please pick up after yourself.  If you have used glasses or dishes, please wash them and put them away and wipe down the counter or table you’ve used.  Juniors please use your water bottles if you are in for a water break.
  3. Pop cans, etc. go in the recycling bin by the back door.Check the lost and found regularly-- from time to time items are collected and donated to charity.
  4. If the phone rings please answer it and take a message if necessary.  The club phone does not make long distance calls.

Courts & Conduct

  1. Non-marking shoes are required on the courts.  Bear in mind that some running shoes will leave scuff marks.
  2. Please keep gum off the playing surface-- once it hardens it is almost impossible to remove.
  3. Shirts are to be worn at all times.
  4. Please respect the fact that this is a family facility and refrain from offensive behavior, including spitting, swearing, throwing racquets, and smashing balls.
  5. Show consideration for your fellow players by not talking while a point is in play.  When on the deck please keep your voice down so as not to disturb the players on Court 1.
  6. When preparing to enter a court wait until the players on the court nearest you have finished a point.  Then, quickly move to your assigned court, ensuring that you are not moving behind a court where a point is in play.
  7. If a ball rolls onto your court from an adjacent court and you are in the middle of a point, either stop the point immediately( if the ball disturbs you or your opponent--in which case you must replay the point), or return the ball as soon as the point is over.
  8. If your ball rolls onto an adjacent court, wait until the players on the other court have finished playing their point, then tell them that the ball is from your court and ask them to return it.
  9. The club provides practice balls for the convenience of members.  Be sure to retrieve any balls you have hit over the fence before you leave.

* To download pdf copy of club guidelines, please click blue arrow to the left of the file name.