Tel: (403) 527-4466
Please note, the clubhouse phone is only active mid-April to October 31.
For assistance in the off season, please refer to the phone list below.)

Mail: 3-3271 Dunmore Road SE, Suite 200
Medicine Hat, AB  ·  T1B 3R2
Club: 1711-21st Street SE (beside Crestwood Pool)

For general inquiries, please contact Ken Clement (club manager) at 403-527-9102.

2019/2020 Executive

 Riley Danroth, President  403-581-9738
 Sean Miller, Vice-President  403-581-6477
 Linda Norris, Juniors / Memberships
 Murray Trollope, Treasurer / Casino  403-526-2782
 Rose Paulgaard, Secretary / Communications  403-527-3494
 Larry Dickhaut, Director  403-527-2425
 Noel Thomas, Maintenance  403-527-9577
 Eryn Comeau, Director  403-928-2504
 Kristin Norris, Director
 Lyle Garrecht, Director    

*Please note, all email communication will be sent from the address.
If you are not receiving club emails, please contact Rose Paulgaard at the above email address to ensure that the information on file is correct.